Complete Small-scale Immersion Cooling Environment

The ICEbox family of products is ideal to evaluate PCIe expansion boards with or without a motherboard.  We have some very impressive results when testing an AMD 32-core Threadripper CPU with NVIDIA 2080 graphics: both are running at full power, comfortably cool, and almost completely silent!

However, the ICEbox provides an Immersion Cooled Environment that can be used for literally anything - check out our example where we actually dunk a 500W space heater!

Benefits of Immersion Cooling

Quite simply, air is an awful way to cool electronics and liquid CPU coolers only address part of the problem.  Immersion Cooling keeps all the electronics cool and can save up to 90% of the cooling energy compared to traditional methods.

CoolBitts products are based on licensed patented technology from LiquidCool Solutions.

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